15 April 2022

PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 8th May: Legitimate self defence (cont)

Dear Friends,

Hope you have a good holiday-.

Our next meeting will be on the 8th May and topic is still: Legitimate
self defence.

Best Lawrence

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Legitimate self defence

The topic was proposed by Ines, and it covers a huge array of issues and
problems for us. In my essay I concede that personal self defence is a
matter for the courts of law to consider. And although I do not exclude
this perspective, I mainly consider the next context of self defence in
a war context.

Legitimate self defence

In the meantime Mariona has asked us if we can help her with her thesis:
Hi! I am currently working on my university thesis. I am studying how
users feel about hyper personalization (consumer data) and the impact
these have on their identity. You can choose to answer the questionnaire
in Spanish or English, select your preferred language at the beginning.
Thanks in advance! Mariona

Link to the survey:

Finally, if you have problems with Skype try launching it again if you
have the App or browser. Send me a message for the link. Please note we
do not use the video to save on mobile phone batteries for those
connecting on a phone.

Best and take care

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PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 8th May: Legitimate self defence (cont)

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