04 May 2022

From Lawrence PhiloMadrid, request for feedback.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your feedback and suggestions regarding the
organisation of the PhiloMdrid meetings.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons least of which is Covid we won't
be returning to meeting in person for some time now. Unfortunately, this
means that the socialising aspect of the meetings on Sunday will be lost
as it has been lost these past two years.

Furthermore, many of us have to work most of the week on-line and,
understandably, spending Sunday evening on-line as well might be too
much to contemplate.

Consequently, this leaves us with meeting on-line only for the purpose
of discussing the topics we vote for. I should, therefore, be most
grateful, if you can suggest alternative times and days when to meet or
maybe continue as we are. But because many work late, the best time
during the week would be after 8pm or even 8:30pm. But let me know.

In the meantime we can still organise get-together meetings and
excursions in the open air during the spring and summer months.
Something we used to do in the past!

So, the feedback I need is:

- Should we move the meeting to a weekday?
- What time and day should we organise the meeting if held during the week?
- Any other suggestions or alternatives?
- Any ideas for get-together meetings or excursions in the open?

Finally, next meeting: PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 8th May:
Legitimate self defence (cont)

Thank you

Best and take care

telephone/WhatsApp: 606081813
Email: philomadrid@gmail.com

From Lawrence PhiloMadrid, request for feedback.

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