21 January 2024

PhiloMadrid Skype: Wed 24th Jan 2024 at 8:00pm: Does personality change over time?

Dear friends,

This coming Wednesday, 24th January, we are discussing: Does personality
change over time?

The topic was proposed by James and in my notes I try to identify the
philosophical background of what makes a personality.

Does personality change over time?

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- Book by Asuncion
Title: Timeless Joyce
Author: Asuncion Lopez Varela Azcarate
Description: 2022 marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of
James Joyce's Ulysses.

This book is a celebration of Joyce's text and of the aspects that make
his masterpiece timeless.

Structured under the inspiration of Brancusi's spiral image, 'Symbol of
James Joyce', the volume shows Joyce's play in two movements: a
centripetal move towards unity, using myth, analogies and
correspondences and a centrifugal force, with a cunning mixture of irony
and unanticipated turns, where the dream of unity is shattered and the
text resonates in multiple directions, manifesting its diversity through
forms of duplicity and double coding. ……….more details from the AMAZON
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Available at Amazon

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-Julian Martelli passed away early in October this year, 2022
-Jorge Free Distribution: Evolution of Thought and its Influence on
Society and Technology
-Oscar: "Toranzo, 88 ilustraciones y coplillas"

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PhiloMadrid Skype: Wed 24th Jan 2024 at 8:00pm: Does personality change
over time?

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